26TH MAY 2022


On the 26th May 2022, you are invited to join several hundred other BAs at BALIFE2022 ...and you won't need to pack, travel or get a hotel, because the venue is your place!

BALIFE2022 is a virtual conference using the very best of online conference software to give you, the attendee, the perfect experience. With...

  • Now twenty-five presenters in...
  • Three parallel tracks of presentations (more of that in a moment)
  • Two keynote speakers
  • A fun lunchtime 'special' and...
  • A fireside chat with an industry expert to close the day

...we believe you're going to be talking about BALIFE2022 for years to come!

Particularly, having gained a new perspective on current techniques, experienced fresh ideas, and discovered advanced concepts, you will have been inspired to greater achievements in the BA field. 

And let's not forget... When you attend BALIFE2022 you will earn IIBA Credits toward your next certification too!

See! - Clearly, a smart BA like you will want to be there!

Created & Hosted by BAs for BAs

Your BA Festival in a Day

BALIFE2022 | Your presenters

In all we have twenty-one... sorry... twenty-five presenters, each with something insightful to offer any BA wishing to bolster their knowledge and push their Business Analysis success to a new level. Whether a veteran with many years of experience or a budding new BA, BALIFE2022 has something for you.

The challenge of gathering together such an illustrious group of Business Analysis experts for this year's event was made a lot easier after the success of BALIFE2021. It was a 'no-brainer' to ask some of last year's top speakers to return, and we were also inundated with offers from other industry virtuosos and specialists in Business Analysis.

And now, we have three jam-packed parallel tracks of BA goodness...

BALIFE2022 | The three tracks

As Business Analysts ourselves, we are very much aware that on a day-to-day basis no two BAs are the same, in fact how you are required to work in your next project could be very different to what you are currently doing.

It is one of the defining aspects of each of us as a BA; we adapt to what is needed.

This means to be truly successful, a great BA will maintain and refine a rich treasure-trove of skills, techniques and behaviours. What you need to do that will likely be different from what another BA requires.

That is why we are giving you THREE parallel tracks of presentations to chose from...

  • BA Introspective: Go beyond the theory and get practical with fresh insights into tools, techniques and their application
  • The Human Touch: Back by popular demand, explore the psychological landscape of being a BA in the world today and how you can stay mentally fit for the role 
  • Working in Collaboration: How a BA can make the most of the three C's, collaboration, connectedness and cooperation

Better still, you even get to choose how deep you want to dive, because whether you want a quick bite size talk or in-depth presentation, we’ve got you covered.

But what if two of your chosen presentations clash? …well, unlike in real life, the virtual world has your back. 

As an attendee of BALIFE2022, you will get 12 months access to ALL recordings from the day, so you’ll never miss a minute and can even recap on your favourite moments from the conference.