BA Life likes to support good causes and each year we have a chosen charity, last year it was Mental Health UK - and our very own Julia Newell jumped out of a plane ...FIVE times in a row!

This year we have decided to support Place2Be, who support the mental wellbeing of children - and our CEO, Linda Parker, will be running the Edinburgh Half Marathon to raise funds for this special charity, and we would love you to donate what you can to help raise funds. More of that in a moment...

Place2Be was suggested by one of our founders, David Strachan, so here in his own words is why he felt it was so important we chose them as this year's charity for BA Life.

Place2Be | Improving children's mental health

I suggested Place2Be as BA Life's charity to support this year as I know of the work they do with children in support of mental health.  

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, the mental well-being of children is more important than ever. Young minds are constantly navigating a myriad of challenges, from academic pressures and social issues to family dynamics and personal growth.

The role of mental health counsellors for children aged 5 to 18 cannot be understated, as they play a pivotal role in nurturing the emotional and psychological development of future generations.

Place2Be were working with my own local primary school making a real impact on a number of children’s lives. As children grow, they encounter a wide range of stressors and challenges, some of which they may find difficult to handle on their own. Counsellors provide children with the tools and strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges, enabling them to better manage life's ups and downs. Of those who go on to be diagnosed in later life half experienced symptoms by age 14. The help that Place2Be provide not only assists children through their current challenges but helps prepare them for the challenges to come.  

Mental health counsellors for children are skilled professionals who are trained to identify early signs of emotional distress and psychological struggles. Early intervention is crucial to address these issues before they become more entrenched, helping children build strong emotional foundations that can lead to lifelong well-being. 

Children often struggle with opening up about their feelings and concerns, particularly to parents or teachers. Mental health counsellors provide a safe and confidential environment where children can express themselves without fear of judgment. This safe space encourages open communication and fosters trust. They teach children to embrace their emotions, understand them, and channel them in a healthy and constructive manner, ultimately building their emotional strength. 

Mental well-being and academic success are intricately linked. Children who are struggling emotionally often find it challenging to focus on their studies. Mental health counsellors can help children overcome emotional obstacles, improve concentration, and reach their full academic potential. 

By providing early intervention, teaching coping skills, and fostering emotional resilience, Place2Be empower our children to lead healthier, happier lives. Their role in creating safe spaces, enhancing academic performance, and supporting parents is invaluable. Most importantly, mental health counsellors help prevent future mental health issues, making an indelible impact on the well-being of our future generations. Their work is not just important; it's essential for the flourishing of young minds. 

Raise funds for Place2Be | Sponsor Linda's half marathon

Linda Parker, our CEO, has been a keen runner for a few years now, having run several half marathons and a number of 10K races. Her running is not a competitive thing, instead it's about fitness and health running for a mental health charity is a great match!

The Edinburgh Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 26th May 2024 and you can help Linda raise funds when you give whatever you can at her JustGiving page by clicking here.

In the meantime, to learn more about Place2Be and the wonderful work they do with children and the mental health support they provide to schools, please visit their website at

Hearts, Balls and BAs! | With a little twist in the tale 

Linda Runs! ...BA Life proudly supports Place2Be

Linda Runs!

BA Life proudly supports Place2Be

BA Life is a passionate champion for the growth of Business Analysis and Business Analysts (BAs) based in the home of festivals - Edinburgh. We deliver one of the biggest virtual festivals of Business Analysis in the world, providing a platform for BAs to share their experiences and learn from others across the globe to achieve their learning and development.

So why did we choose to sponsor Hearts+Balls MB at the Emirates Dubai Rugby 7s?

Well, Business Analysis is like the ultimate rugby coach, a professional discipline focused on identifying needs and determining solutions to problems where the field of play is business rather than a rugby pitch. 

One of our Founding Directors, Gavin Ross, is just as passionate about rugby as Business Analysis, he plays and coaches at his local club and supports rugby at all levels. 

Rugby is a sport which promotes respect, resilience, and teamwork – core values which are just as important to the Business Analysis profession.

BA Life was delighted to support his daughter Juliet Ross, a wonderful young rugby player, and her teammates at Hearts+Balls MB, helping them achieve their rugby goals at the Emirates Dubai 7s - the biggest sports and entertainment festival in the Middle East.

For more information about Hearts+Balls and their great work, visit 

And now for the twist...

Poor Juliet suffered an injury right before the trip to Dubai and was not able to play  - However, in the spirit of the game and being the true champ that she is, Juliet flew out to support her team as they went for gold! 

Congratulations to all the teams for an excellent tournament!