Frequently asked questions's all very easy!

If our plans and testing have all come together as expected, then buying your ticket and attending BA Life 2024 will be a cinch.

That said, you might still have one or two questions, like...

Q1: Where exactly is the venue?

It’s at your place! - BA Life 2024 is a virtual event, so it is wherever you can ‘plug in’. So, whether you want to sit back at home, nestle in your home office or find a quiet space at work, it’s up to you.

Q2: What ‘technology’ will I need to attend virtually? 

In simple terms, you will just need the ability to get online. Whether a PC, tablet or phone, on the day you simply click the link provided in your confirmation email and using a suitable web browser, sit back and enjoy the show. 

Please check back for specific technical details from our conference software provider. Rest assured, it won't be anything special. 

Q3: What if I can’t “get in” or have technical issues on the day? 

The BA Life team did considerable research to find the best virtual conference platform we could, so all being well there will be no issues. However, our team will be on hand throughout the day, ready and waiting to assist you, including continuous monitoring of our help[at] email address.

Q4: Is there disabled ‘access’ to this virtual event? 

In line with our goal to make BA Life inclusive of all, wherever possible we have met all accessibility standards for this virtual conference. 

Q5: Will all slides and presentation materials be available after the conference? 

Yes – Along with videos of all presentations, all slides and any relevant handouts will be available after the conference for 12 months. 

Q6: Do IIBA, BCS or YBA members get discount? 

As an IIBA, BCS or YBA member you will get discount on your ticket, including the early bird promotion. All being well, you will have received a discount code from your local branch, if not, please contact them for details before buying your ticket. At the checkout you will have the opportunity to enter this code and receive the special pricing. 

Q7: Are there sponsorship opportunities for BA Life 2024

Yes, please contact our team by emailing sponsor[at] with subject "Sponsorship for BA Life 2024". 

Any more questions? - Contact us now... 

If you have any more questions, we are here to help! Simply email us at help[at] and ask away!