Once upon a time there was a small group of Business Analysts and they had a simple yet great idea: A Business Analysis conference for BAs, created and hosted by BAs ...and so BA Life was born.

What follows is our story and the thinking behind BA Life and its creation...

BA Life | What's in a name?

BA Life is an acronym which describes both the idea and the people involved in its inception; its full title is 'Business Analysis Learning & Innovation Festival Edinburgh'.

The 'Business Analysis' part is easy, all involved are Business Analysts with many years of experience.

The 'Edinburgh' ending is because that is our home - and when the COVID craziness finally subsides, that wonderful city will be where the live 'in person' conference will take place.

We then have the middle part...

BA Life | Passionate champions for the growth of Business Analysis and BAs

Like all great disciplines, Business Analysis has grown and developed and in turn has gained a highly regarded reputation in the IT world for the incredible positive impact Business Analysts have on a project and business as a whole (yes, we know some folk have still yet to catch up on this fact, but they'll get there!)

This means 'Learning & Innovation' is a key part of our success, now and into the future - and we want to champion that. Not all IT conferences really 'get it' and so there's only so many times you can hear the merits of 'Waterfall' or Kanban!

What about new and improved approaches? What about fresh takes on old ideas? What about ideas that break the mould?

We then have 'Festival' and as I'm sure you know already, Edinburgh is renowned across the globe for its wonderful International and Fringe festivals in summer, the largest in the world ...and we love that about our city. What's more, that passion, enthusiasm and joy is how we feel about Business Analysis.

So BA Life isn't just a conference, it's a festival in the truest sense of the word, celebrating the wonders and greatness of Business Analysis.

Neither is it a flash-in-the-pan...

BA Life | The company

Last year was an amazing success and this year, and every year from now, we aim to surpass that. So, to ensure this happens, BA Life Limited has been incorporated.

Being BAs, naturally we like to things the right way, so we are fully GDPR compliant and more importantly we have a firm belief in inclusivity.

And, of course, everyone involved is a Business Analyst! MORE...

BA Life | Our promise to you

We want to ensure EVERY attendee feels welcome and appreciated throughout the whole day. So with that in mind, your attendance at BA Life is backed by a solid promise of inclusivity, a 'code of conduct' if you will.

Just as in the real-world, we will not stand for any form of marginalising or unfriendly behaviour.

BA Life is a safe and supportive environment of friendliness, non-judgement and celebration of difference in all its forms.

BA Life | Awards

We are delighted to say that BA Life was a finalist in the ‘National StartUp Awards’ in 2022.

To have got that far was fantastic, particularly as Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, the creator of the StartUp Awards National Series, said:

“Given the sheer volume of phenomenal startups we’ve heard from…

We’ve been blown away by the standard of entries in this first year.”

The story and ethos behind BA Life ...your BA Festival in a Day!


The story and ethos behind BA Life

...your BA Festival in a Day!